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Hello fellow internet users so my name is Amber and as my first blog post, I will be outlining what I hope this blog will contain and some goals I wish to achieve I would say my name is Amber, but it’s really not – my name is Mia. My blog is However, this is my best friend well, would we really call her a friend?  This is Amber’s first blog post, can we can the crazy? For her? Please?  Amber’s new blog and I am here to tell you why you should follow her.

Amber is . . . Well, Amber is great. If you define great as a big, mean, ginger girl that likes to dance and plot people’s death in her spare time. Seriously. Yesterday, (or was it the day before; we spend way too much time around each other for me to separate the times correctly. It’s not my fault. It’s her’s; she’s addictive) she forced me to step on a snail. An innocent, beautiful snail. Destroyed. Because that soulless bitch forced me to kill it.

No, I’m joking; we were locked out and I accidentally stepped backwards onto the snail. Amber didn’t have anything to do with it other than laughing at me and looking at the poor snail with pity.

But just think about what that poor girl must suffer – having to constantly deal with me. It doesn’t get better – it doesn’t get easier. That light at the end of the tunnel? That’s just Amber’s hair glowing. Please take pity on the poor girl.

Follow her. Help her gain enough followers for her own personal army, so she can eventually overthrow me. A little goes a long way. Her post will mainly be; fashion, beauty and what NOT to do in life… she fucks up a lot! But it’s fine we both do and I love her like a sister. (oops!)

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