Festival Fashion Inspiration Board

So festival season is coming close in the UK and let me tell you UK festivals are not like Coachella!  I am going to my first festival this year with about 12 friends from my year group and stupidly we are throwing ourselves in the deep end going, to one of the biggest, Reading festival.

That is how big Reading festival is…

And let’s be real everyone knows that British weather isn’t the best, with highs of 25 degrees celsius (lows of around 9) throughout summer and large chances of rain, you can see why our festivals are nothing like around the world.

As I am camping for four days when I go I obviously need to back clothes… Here is my Festival Fashion Inspiration Board!

I’m sorry it is so small ❤

As you can see theres shorts, crop tops, body suits and WELLIES. You NEED wellies if you are going to a UK festival, its just a must okay don’t forget them please!

I will be doing my packing list but it is not finalised yet but it’s getting there.


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