My Style Inspiration Board

Hey aliens of the planet how you doing?  Was your day good? Are you actually going to answer these questions? Probably not but, I don’t blame you honestly.

I struggle finding one look to stick to now, I think I am just going through an experimental stage in life. Obviously I have things that I love, just on other people. Its one thing liking something in a shop but it is a completely different story when you put it on. Sometimes you feel like beyonce, like you can take over the world. Other times you feel as if you are just dressed like a clown and the outfit is just ALL the different levels of wrong in the world.

At the moment I am trying to re-work my wardrobe as shown on this link but the image below should show you the sort of outfits I like and wear. These types of outfits will probably feature in outfits of the days, look books and hauls.

Obviously, if people are interested in wear I get my clothes I can totally create a list of my favourite online shops both British and international sites … we don’t discriminate on this blog!

See ya xo


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