My Organisation Tips

Hey recently I got told that I am really good at staying orginised because of this, I thought I would share with the internet world my ways of staying on top of things.

  1. PowerPoint; I am super nerdy when it comes to PowerPoint, I bloody love it because it is creative you can have cool transitions. I use it to plan journeys, packing and random future events.
  2. Lists everywhere. They are on my notes in my phone, notes on my laptop on PowerPoint in my notebooks.
  3. I use my email to ask my friends to double check that I’m not missing things. When you re-read the same piece of information over and over again you skip past things because you mind has schemas put in place. This means if you know that you have something you want to say, your mind may sometimes just assume it is there or it is there correctly. Using fresh eyes to have a scan means that they will pick up on mistakes you wont.
  4. Folders on your laptop/desktop. I try to keep my laptop as tidy as possible I have loads of folders that keep everything in different places that make sense to me. My folders may not make sense to other people but it works for me
  5. Finally; prioritise your tasks, try colour coding or numbering. Do the longest or hardest task first (that’s what she said 🙂 ) and work your way down to the easiest and quickest.


So there was my top 5 tips for staying organised I hope they helped.

See you tomorrow or the day after maybe we will see 🙂

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