Twisted Fairy Look Part 1

Evening so myself and fellow blogger Mia (Okaythen.) teamed up to create Fair inspired looks for you guys, so after reading and browsing my post  be sure to check out hers too!


No we are not being conventional fairies/ fay (I couldn’t decide) we are expressing our style into fairly lifestyles!


So this is my outfit and yes I am just not wearing socks, feel free to judge, I would if I was you.  Obviously, I was leaning more towards a darker variation of a fairy because I am a dark and twisted child…

Who actually remembers when they were a thing, you know the blingy gifs #2005life! BACK TO THE OUTFIT:

I am wearing a grid skirt that Mia and I DIY’ed (How to will be on her blog), a crop top from Topshop (GET IT WHILE IT’S ON SALE ONLY £22!) and finally a black rain jacket from Primark.

Guys if you like the jacket just a warning it doesn’t keep you dry at all, if it rains you will be soaked!

The wig is another DIY. Originally the wig was white but with a few bottles of hair dye it became a really cool toned purple and blue wig.

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