Festival Tips and Tricks

Now that the festival season is over I figured I will let everyone in on my top tips for a festival. I personally went to Reading festival and I am definitely going again next year,, with a few things in mind.


  • Travel as light as possible! Don’t bother with food honestly, we brought loads of food this meant  that when we arrived at the festival it took us 1 hour to bring all of our stuff to the white zone  from the red zone. Trust me, if you get hungry walk down to white and get the bus into Sainsburys its only a pound.

    That is EVERYTHING aside from food
  • Buy the disposable BBQ’S they are a simple way to have a proper cooked meal for breakfast or dinner.
  • Notice I didn’t say lunch yeah that is because you can’t take any food or open bottles into the arena. And you will spend around £8 on either chicken and chips or a small pizza!  The waters alone are £3 and usually not cold. If you like slushies or know someone that does buy the refillable slushie cup and then when its empty refill. You can bring empty bottles in and where they are so light  they are perfect. Or the collapsing containers would be good for while you are around the campsite because you will totally need water. I took a 2L bottle and one small bottle, I used the small one for the arena and then the big one for around the campsite.
  • Download the app if your festival has it or put twitter on notification! When we went we had a lot of acts rescheduling and cancelling and the app and twitter was the ONLY way to get notified about these updates.
  • Understand that you are going to spend a lot of money. Festivals are not cheap, as fun as they are you can’t go into this thinking  that you wont spend a lot of money. The 4 day ticket alone was £220 then buying everything we needed and then spending money  it came close to £500 in total. Spending money wise I recommend taking £200 honestly. I took £80 and it wasn’t enough luckily, my friend had just been paid so I used her cash on her card for any extra expenses.
  • Don’t bother with proper clothes. Trust me there is logic to this! If you are going with guys, they don’t wear their tops anyway wear theirs. I was in bralletes and crop tops the entire weekend and if I got cold I just wore my friends top or take something like a flannel shirt that you can tie round you.
  • There are so many cool shops, you wont be able to resist but shop on the last day. I was able to get some free clothes by having banter with the people that worked in the stalls and making bets I knew I would win. Example, I said to one of the guys if I film myself promoting your brand can I get something for free… I just said it to my friends! I went with a group of around 15 so he thinks I went to 15 strangers when really they were all my friends.
  • Phone charging is a must and yeah you could spend like £30 on portable chargers however, many stalls actually will run charging stations that are not actually over priced. It was something like £8 for a full charge then just put your phone on airoplane mode the entire day. If you want to upload on snapchat then do all your recording while on airoplane then at the end of the night upload them all in one hit.
  • Don’t be scared to make friends because it is likely you will NEVER see them again so why the hell not? I know personally I was so much more confident when I had that mentality.
  • Plasters and bandages! I wore mainly converses but on the odd occasion I wore my wellies but I know my friend wore converses as well and her feet got covered in blisters and ended up being swollen so she had no choice but to cover her feet in plasters and wear flip flops. So take at least two pairs of shoes and then plasters and bandages because it is a shit ton of walking and I grantee at least one day your feet will hurt.
  • Blow up mattresses are not luxury they are a necessity! THE GROUND IS NOT COMFORTABLE! Bring a pillow and a blowup bed other wise you will just be cranky!
  • Although I said pack light, let one of the items you pack be a hoodie or some jogging bottoms because it does get cold in the night. My personal saviours were my hoodie and my knee high fluffy socks.
  • Toilets and showers… are not that bad. If you do it right you will be fine okay? So toilets in the arena are so nice, well they are considering where you are they are proper toilets with sinks and soap. The ones in white are the pest by far I think it was because more families stayed at the back and less drunk teens. Dont forget to lock the door, my friend forgot once and a woman just walked straight in! Waking up early is a good call as well for both showers and toilets. In terms of the showers just do it! You feel so much nicer after and fuck it who gives a shit. I showered with just my nickers on no bra with my best friend and we spent the entire time just having a laugh with no awkwardness.
  • If you still don’t really want to use those toilets maybe you need to poop and you want a bit of privacy I don’t know then do what myself and a few others did, pop into town and have breakfast or something in a restaurant then use their toilets. We went to this place called The Toby Carvery for breakfast as they did a festival deal and then just used their toilets.
  • Have fun with it! If you want to dress like a slag go for it, if you want to be covered in flash tattoos and face paint bloody do it!

My First Time Camping + Tips

I WENT CAMPING! It was actually pretty cool way better than I expected.

As it was the last week of my first year of sixth form, the year group went on a weekend camping trip at this place called Downe which is in the south east of England. Now half of my year group was really excited for the trip and the other half was just like “NO we won’t go on this trip, you can punish us, you can kick us out but we won’t go!”  Turns out around 3/4 of my year went and honestly, the best two days of my first year.

Day 1 –

  • Met at school at 9am
  • arrived at around 9:45
  • by 10am only my tent for my friends was up. ALL the boys were asking for our help
  • 1pm we had lunch well sandwiches. Personally I had marmite and cheese which is my absolute favourite!
  • 2pm we did orienteering so much fun sounds boring but you feel like explorer
  • 3:30 we did tunnel trail. Basically, with this the company got a swimming pool and filled it with dark crawl spaces that all intertwined instead of water. I know it sounds terrifying but it is super fun to play games like cat and mouse in.
  • 5pm we then went to do Jacobs ladder (Image of JL) its so much harder than it looks trust me on that.
  • 6pm we went back to our area and played football/ hot potato
  • 8pm was dinner time I had chicken dippers because I am an extremely fussy eater.
  • 9pm camp fire! we sang songs, ate s’mores and drank hot chocolate by the fire.
  • 11pm all the teachers went to bed, we played some typical teen games and got up to typical teen antics.

The next day

we didn’t do as much because we was going home but we started with a bug infested shower (NOT FUN) a full english breakfast and my group went on to do zip wire. Finally we had a massive water fight!


My top tips

  10. ENJOY IT!

IMG_0209 IMG_0215 IMG_0225

Beauty Find Of The Week

Hello beauties,

So it’s the third week of the month which means its BEAUTY WEEK!

BFOTW- Beauty find of the week, is once a month I will reveal a new HOLY GRAIL beauty product. This could include; makeup, hair products, nail varnish and others.

This week’s BFOTW is an eyeshadow that I got. Dare I say it I prefer it to any other gold eye shadow I have tried, this includes Urban Decay’s Half Baked!

The shadow is from Kiko and only £2.90! You get a lot of shadow in the pan but a lot goes a long way because “OH HI PIGNMENT HOW ARE YOU DOING?” was my words when I first swatched the shadow.

The shade I got is the 102 Dark Pearly Gold and wow it is gold!

My recommendations to get the best out of the product are:

  • Use a primer or concealer.
  • As mine just goes on the lid I leave it till last so I blend all my other shadows and use a packing brush to apply the shadow.
  • Try applying with the brush wet makes the pigment that little bit more vibrant.222

Twisted Fairy Look Part 1

Evening so myself and fellow blogger Mia (Okaythen.) teamed up to create Fair inspired looks for you guys, so after reading and browsing my post  be sure to check out hers too!


No we are not being conventional fairies/ fay (I couldn’t decide) we are expressing our style into fairly lifestyles!


So this is my outfit and yes I am just not wearing socks, feel free to judge, I would if I was you.  Obviously, I was leaning more towards a darker variation of a fairy because I am a dark and twisted child…

Who actually remembers when they were a thing, you know the blingy gifs #2005life! BACK TO THE OUTFIT:

I am wearing a grid skirt that Mia and I DIY’ed (How to will be on her blog), a crop top from Topshop (GET IT WHILE IT’S ON SALE ONLY £22!) and finally a black rain jacket from Primark.

Guys if you like the jacket just a warning it doesn’t keep you dry at all, if it rains you will be soaked!

The wig is another DIY. Originally the wig was white but with a few bottles of hair dye it became a really cool toned purple and blue wig.

My Organisation Tips

Hey recently I got told that I am really good at staying orginised because of this, I thought I would share with the internet world my ways of staying on top of things.

  1. PowerPoint; I am super nerdy when it comes to PowerPoint, I bloody love it because it is creative you can have cool transitions. I use it to plan journeys, packing and random future events.
  2. Lists everywhere. They are on my notes in my phone, notes on my laptop on PowerPoint in my notebooks.
  3. I use my email to ask my friends to double check that I’m not missing things. When you re-read the same piece of information over and over again you skip past things because you mind has schemas put in place. This means if you know that you have something you want to say, your mind may sometimes just assume it is there or it is there correctly. Using fresh eyes to have a scan means that they will pick up on mistakes you wont.
  4. Folders on your laptop/desktop. I try to keep my laptop as tidy as possible I have loads of folders that keep everything in different places that make sense to me. My folders may not make sense to other people but it works for me
  5. Finally; prioritise your tasks, try colour coding or numbering. Do the longest or hardest task first (that’s what she said 🙂 ) and work your way down to the easiest and quickest.


So there was my top 5 tips for staying organised I hope they helped.

See you tomorrow or the day after maybe we will see 🙂

Vintage 2k16

Vintage 2k16

Pink shirt
£6.24 –

Chicnova Fashion blue jacket
£17 –

M.i.h Jeans blue jeans
£99 –

Adidas sneaker
£93 –

Sheriff&Cherry round sunglasses
£170 –

Terre Mère eyeshadow brush
£18 –

Blue tones

Blue tones


Chicnova Fashion denim shirt
£9.77 –

TIBI wide leg pants
£345 –

Terre Mère blending brush
£17 –

Top 15 Shops I Just love

Hey so am I the only person who can spend hours online looking at shops even when I have no money in my balance? Honestly hours can be spent especially if I am on the phone to my girl Mia.

Obviously as an avid browser of online shops, I have my favourites, my go to’s you get me?

Click the images to take you to the sites if you are interested in there styles.

2593697011._CB380808962_SX300_  missguidedDOLLSKILL-LOGO_2 topshop

9211882 bvd_hm_1-1100x722 jdsports_your-logo_276x110 thumb_21386_thumbnail_1xamerican-apparel-logomisspap-logo

drop_dead_logo__black__by_captainanalbead-d774y2c download

asos-logo logozara-logo-s


Obviously these have all different styles and cater for so many different occasions if there is any that you haven’t heard of, I seriously recommend you have a browse right now.

Feel free to comment any shop recommendations really looking to try out some new brands.